2018 Paramedic of the Year

Chris Stanley


This individual has been with Cameron Parish Ambulance Service District 2 for 17 years and we feel very lucky to have him. He has stepped up to the plate many times. He went to New Orleans during Katrina and assisted Cameron Parish during and after Rita and Ike. We are always receiving cards of thanks from his patients and patient family members for his patient care and acts of kindness. When asked to volunteer to attend an active shooter class, he was first in line. He has been a long-time instructor with the BEMS and American Heart.
He is especially good with the senior citizens of the area. He shows them how much he cares and provides them with the best possible information for their health needs. He checks on them after their trip to the hospital and while they are in the hospital. He visits with them at the senior center providing blood pressure checks and information on pertinent health issues.
Chris has been observed on many occasions aiding the firefighters when called out for a house fire. He keeps an eye on the volunteer fire fighter and is handy with bottled water, checking blood pressures, notifying volunteers when he feels that they are overexerting themselves and assuring they stay hydrated. He is there for those persons who have lost their homes. His concern for people, in general, shows through during their times of loss.