2018 Emergency Medical Technician of the Year

Macie Guillotte

Macie Guillote

It is with great pleasure, and our honor to nominate the LANREMT EMT of the Year for 2018. This individual has been an employee owner for the past two years. She exhibits great patient care along with professional bed side manner. She always had a contagiously positive attitude and is never without a smile on her face or a kind word. She continues to demonstrate remarkable skills as a leader, Medic, employee and as a mentor for the explorer program. She doesn’t hesitate to help with any task she is given; especially when called at last minute for an extra crew. Her professionalism, caring demeanor, work ethic and never ending positive a

ttitude, makes her an exceptional EMT for the Hub City District.
She is deserving of this award due to her positive attitude, and her eagerness to help people all while having phenomenal patient care skills. Additionally, she arrives to work early making sure her unit is clean and fully stocked. She is always willing to help and comes in for extra crews and help fill the schedule at a moment’s notice. Furthermore, she helps with the explorer programs by working events with them. She is an example of a team player and always willing to go the extra mile. Her work ethic and love of the job are remarkable.
She has not only proven herself as a great EMT but also as a good employee. She loves her job and she is always willing to help. She takes her job seriously, and yet always has a smile for everyone, no matter how bad her day is or how bad someone treats her.