EMT of the YearDSC 0197

Shanna Ellis

Shanna has worked as an EMT for over 25 years. Whenever and wherever you need her she is there. You can always count on it, unless her main job has other plans. She serves as a board member along with a host of other duties. She always brings extra help during the conference to assist with the trailer and anything else needed.
Look around the forest of Kisatchie, you might spot Shanna on the trail. In charge of the US Forest Service recreation department is her main focus. She recently secured a $2 million-dollar grant for Stuart Lake in Pollock, for some of you, this going east of Alexandria. She redid the camp grounds, picnic area, bath house and the trails surrounding this lake.
Her job takes her away from home for weeks at a time to forest fires all over the US. Only with a duffel bag and a backpack she’s off to work as an EMT, sometimes up close and personal to a fire. While there, she is the Medical Unit Leader. She presides over a team of medics to handle all injuries that come in. In fact, she is the only Federal Medical Unit Leader in this region. She received her fire service in 1986.
She has 3 boys and a grandson that keeps her busy in her off times.