Instructor of the YearDSC 0187

John Witt

Over the past 15 years, John has demonstrated exceptional skills in providing patients care to the communities he has served not just as a paramedic but as a professional. He has truly worked his way up to where he is today. He earned his position through hard work, dedication but most important because of his passion and drive to help others. Continuously regarded as being an exceptional quality coordinator/instructor by monitoring the quality of patient care throughout MCI simulations and countless hours of instructions. Also considered an exceptional paramedic by not only his peers but also by the surrounding hospital staff and physician. He has dedicated countless hours above and beyond his call of duty to ensure that his medics and the community stays safe and get the best medical care possible. Without dedication, Pre-hospital EMS would not be as advanced as it is today and we would not be able to serve our community as well as we do.