2014 Outstanding Achievement of the Year

 Robert Cline

Robert ClineRobert Cline's award, outstanding achievement award, is in recognition of his unfailing efforts in the planning, creation, and implementation of advanced life support services to Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana, for the past four years

As one of the only two ALS units in GSC, providing advanced care to 40,000 residents, Barksdale Ambulance Service has been the benchmark in the Air Force. Since activation of ALS, Mr. Klein has responded to over 580, 911 responses, 48 aircraft emergencies, 39 wing level exercises, and 2 mass casualty incidents, with zero fatalities. Mr. Klein directly assisted with the research, equipment package preparation, and implementation of this groundbreaking ALS platform, saving the Air Force $140,000 annually. He assisted with the relocation of emergency services to its new Fire, SFS, and medical dispatch center, reducing response on the East reservation, and improving communications. His knowledge and his experience that greatly to the revision of the second medical group instructions regarding patient transfers to local hospitals, reducing costs, and streamlining the process.

Mr. Klein has been taken every opportunity to educate the base populace regarding health issues and EMS, running multiple articles on the base paper, on topics such as driver safety, and healthy living. On a regular basis, he volunteers the Star base, a facility dedicated to the education of elementary children, but his drug free lifestyles, and emergency medical services. Additionally he assisted in the coordination and instruction, of various classes such as PHTLS, an AMLS and paramedic refresher, increasing staff knowledge and readiness. His professionalism, contributions and experience, have been lauded by leadership base wide. (Srt Kris Wooster)